Hope Alliance Foundation (HAF)

Hope Alliance Foundation (HAF) founded in 2012 and officially registered in 2013 is non for profit organization committed to working to upscale Health needs including HIV, Mental wellbeing, Psychosocial support, promotion and protection of Human Rights of marginalized communities especially LGBT persons in Ghana.

Our vision is to become a center of excellence in advancing Health, Wellbeing and Human Rights of marginalized groups in Ghana. Our mission is, Providing Health including HIV services and Human Rights advocacy for marginalized communities through community interventions, material development and distribution for knowledge enhancement, social media engagement, and scaling up psychosocial care and support through referral and partnerships.


  1. To ensure that sexual minorities and other marginalized communities has
  2. increased knowledge on health including HIV and Human Rights
  3. To reach LGBT person within and out of reach with precise information on
  4. ART, Mental Health, Human Rights and SOGIE.
  5. To provide peer support, care and assistance to self-identified MSM, Gays and Bisexual men who are diagnosed with HIV.
  6. To provide safe spaces for dialogues on issues affecting LGBT persons.
  7. To intensified human right advocacy and lobbying.


  1. Provision of HIV education and linkages through referrals for MSM
  2. Capacity building and empowerment for nascent LGB persons
  3. Promoting respect and protection of human rights of sexual minorities
  4. Knowledge enhancement in areas of Health and Rights
  5. Provision of peer support and psychosocial counselling and mental wellness services.

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